Icon for: vovik Another segment of the Gulf’s energy infrastructure

Another segment of the Gulf’s energy infrastructure that may have sustained longer term damage is the web of underwater pipelines critical to the gathering and transportation of natural gas. Three natural gas processing plants owned by Enterprise Products Partners LP are not yet operational and, depending on the extent of damage, could be out for weeks..

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But they provide me with knowing looks. Or suspicion. It’s hypocritical when everyone in the courts gets paid (judges, clerks, lawyers, etc.) while jurors are simply enslaved. By the way, if you do get drafted, I recommend you show up and nullify their antics.

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Textbooks that cost each student an average of $1,168 a year, according to the College Board. Luckily for students already on the hook for tens of thousands of dollars in tuition, brick and mortar stores no longer have a monopoly in this market. FDIC insured banks cumulatively lost $3.7 billion in the second quarter, dragged down by growing numbers of bad loans. These banks set aside nearly $67 billion in the quarter in anticipation of future losses from soured loans.

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